Our state-of-the-art research labs consist of highly skilled and experienced PhDs and Masters Graduates. The team is specialized in complex, multi-stage custom synthesis and process research with hands-on experience in:

  • Large-scale handing of reagents such as BuLi, LDA, LAH, PCC, DMF.SO3, Oxone.
  • High-pressure hydrogenations and aminations in multi kilo scale.
  • Enzymatic reactions in multiple kilo scale.
  • Asymmetric synthesis in kilo scale.

Our pilot plant has a multipurpose cGMP kilo lab that can synthesize pharmaceutical intermediates upto 5 kgs. It is designed to meet the process needs of complex molecules. The QC/QA lab is equipped with HPLC, LCMS, GC, IR and Polarimeter.


SV ChemBioTech Inc.
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