Job Openings

Thank you for your interest in SV ChemBioTech! If you wish to be considered, please email your resume, cover letter and a current reference to

R&D Scientist

Location: SV ChemBioTech Inc., Research facility located in Edmonton, Canada

Job Requirements & Responsibilities:
PhD in synthetic organic chemistry with 5+ years’ work experience after completing the degree with at least 3-4 years in pharmaceutical industry, specialised in medicinal chemistry and process R&D.


MSc in synthetic organic chemistry, with 10+ years’ work experience after completing the degree.
  • In depth knowledge of organic reactions and their mechanisms and conducting organic reactions.
  • Experience and strong ability and skills to search the chemical literature with SciFinder, Reaxys and other tools.
  • Experience to plan and develop and trouble shoot complex multi-step syntheses.
  • Strong knowledge in carrying out a wide variety of organic laboratory techniques including, but not limited to handling anhydrous reagents, modern organometallic synthetic methods.
  • Experience to characterize organic compounds of complex structure by independent interpretation of spectral data as NMR, IR, Mass.
  • Experience in developing methods for separating complex organic mixtures and using fundamental chromatography techniques and advanced purification techniques (experienced on Biotage, prep HPLC etc would be added advantage).
  • Ability to work on several different projects of varying lengths and complexity.
  • Perform process development and research. Experience in the translation of a laboratory method of making an organic compound in milligram scale suitable for scaling to a production process on kilogram to tonne scale while maintaining the quality, reproducibility, minimum cost.